Question for folk on micro-/single-user-instances:

How do you see toots from people you don't follow?

I.e. this situation: you follow A, A retoots B, B gets a load of replies from C-G which you don't see, as they aren't federated to your instance.

I tend to open toots from accounts on bigger instances to see more replies, but that seems kinda clunky...

Retoots for visibility appreciated :boost_ok:

@hansenerd I open the post on its original instance by clicking on the time stamp link, because there the replies are supposed to be complete – at least as long as the author continues to be mentioned in them.

@schmittlauch interesting, thank you! tusky doesn't have a link for that, but one can press "share" and select a browser for the same effect.
and pinafore pwa has the link behind the timestamp :)

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