Does anyone have a (short) primer on unit or integration websites / webapps handy?

I have a job which automatically builds and deploys on source changes. And I have a job to promote stage artifacts to the production system.
To connect both I'd like to automatically test a few things on stage, like image upload, POSTing certain forms and such.
I know such systems exist, but I never worked with one. If anybody knows of a nice how-to…


@hansenerd Sounds like a job for testcafe. Documentation and tutorial are decent. And it's nice that you can use modern JS (async/await).

@TauPan Thanks, I'll look into that!

At the moment I'm trying out selenium (yey, python unittests!), but am not sure how much of the web interface I can actually use with that, yet

@hansenerd Selenium has the advantage of being seasoned and supporting multiple languages. But if you don't mind javascript, testcafe is much easier to set up (no java) and also supports mobile tests. I personally find the api a bit more convenient.

In any case, web testing is not like unit testing at all. Tests are much slower, may be sensitive to timing and lots of other issues.

My favorite metaphor is that they're the icecream of the testing nutritional pyramid. Who would want to miss it, but best used sparingly.

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